Marie de France

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Remembering Marie


In the epilogue of her book, Fables, Marie de France expresses a wish to be remembered:

To end these tales I've here narrated

And into Romance tongue translate,

 I'll give my name, for memory:

I am from France, my name's Marie.

And it may hap that many a clerk

Will claim as his what is my work.

But such pronouncements I want not!

It's folly to become forgot!

Marie de France's lais influenced English romances like Sir Orfeo, Sir Launfal (14th c.), and Chaucer's Canterbury Tales. Her fable, The Cock and the Fox (Del cok e del gupil), is oneof Chaucer's sources for The Nun's Priest's Tale. With these influences, her large body of work, and the continued interest in the mystery of her life, Marie de France will not soon be forgotten.

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