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Lanval Summary


- King Arthur distributes presents, lands, and wives to his barons but neglects to reward the loyal Lanval
- Lanval is depressed and in financial straits; lost in thought he goes off to the countryside and reaches a stream where he meets two lovely ladies who lead him to their mistress who is beautiful and rich
- Lanval becomes her lover; she requires however that he keep their relationship secret or lose her forever; from then on Lanval is able to meet his lover whenever he wants and lives in luxury
- Queen Guinevere makes a pass at Lanval who rejects her; angry, she accuses him of homosexuality
- Lanval defends himself by boasting about the extreme beauty of his lover and points out that even her servants are more beautiful than the queen
- Even angrier, the queen tells the king that Lanval tried to seduce her and insulted her
- The king demands that be put on trial; distressed, Lanval calls his lover but she doesn't come
- Lanval is brought to court; the barons are divided as to what to do; then it is agreed that Lanval must prove the truth of his boasts
- Suddently two girls, attendants of Lanval's lover and more beautiful than anyone had ever seen, appear and request that preparations be made for the arrival of their mistress; two more and also very beautiful ladies arrive and also request preparations for the arrival of their mistress
- Lanval's lady finally arrives to the awe of all those present who must admit she is the most beautiful woman in the world
- The lady announces she has been the lover of Lanval and that the queen lied, and requests that he be acquitted - Lanval is set free and he leaves with the lady for the island of Avalon and is never heard from again

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